Frequently Asked Questions of Millie

Additional answers, tips and information

Q. Is my information safe?

A. Absolutely. Millie does not hold any credit card or payment information. Instead, Millie works with the most trustworthy name for online payments, PayPal. All transactions are run by BrainTreePayments (Braintreepayments.com), owned by PayPal. All credit card information is stored securely in the BrainTree Vault. Millie never even sees your information as it is entered using a secured Https server and instantly locked by BrainTree.

Q. Are there any monthly fees?

A. No. There are no monthly fees or commitments of any kind. You never actually pay anything for Millie. The small credit card transaction fee is removed from your client’s payment. For more information read Millie’s Pricing page.

Q. Can my clients pay using cash on ReminderMillie?

A. Of course, ReminderMillie is a 100% free platform. Your clients can use Millie for scheduling, she will send them reminders and your clients can pay you in person with cash.

Q. Are there benefits to my clients if I start using ReminderMillie?

A. Definitely! If a clients wants to reschedule, they can do it at their convenience with Millie. You no longer have to play phone tag with clients. And with Millie, your calendar shows your availability you’ll never have to work when you don’t want to. Also, since the site is always live and updating, your clients can finally take advantage of those who reschedule last minute, keeping your calendar full. Millie collects your payments for you, so you can spend the full appointment time with your client.

Q. Will there be an App?

A. Yes, we’re in final stages of development and the app should be ready shortly. It will be free.