The Importance of Client Communication and How Small Business Can Do it Better

Importance of Client Communication

We live in a world where client communication is key, especially in the business world, and because of that we are always finding new and better ways to improve communication. This is especially true in the case of one-to-one businesses, where client communication is essential to success. When compared with traditional communication methods, the digital […]

How To Effectively Communicate with New Clients

Potential Client Communication Image

Everyone has a favorite client. That one individual who shows up to every appointment, and appreciates and values your time as if it was their own. Wouldn’t it be nice if every client could be like that? As amazing as that would be, the truth of the matter is, every client relationship has to start […]

The Importance of Technology for Your Small Business

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Technology has improved communication and operations at companies of every size. Small local businesses are now globally recognized, and technology has helped leveled the playing field. Technology gives you access to a vast amount of tools that can grow, maintain, and sustain your business. No matter the size your business, using technology effectively and efficiently […]

Millie Just Got A Facelift – Feature Update

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We here at Reminder Millie have been working hard to provide the best possible tool for your appointment business. Along with a lot of small improvements, we have been working on important features that make scheduling your appointments and receiving payments even easier. For this blog post, we wanted to highlight three features that we […]

The Problem with Appointment Based Small Businesses

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So, you made your dreams a reality by starting your business. However, you may not have realized that the majority of appointment based small businesses don’t last 12 months. A big problem with these businesses is also the entire center of the business, clients.  You love your clients, and they should love you in return. […]

5 Teaching Tips for Music Teachers


You don’t want your students singing the blues, instead you want them to be thinking it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. You’re an amazing music teacher, full of poise and patience. So show it! We both know teaching music can be not so rock n’ roll, sometimes, but you can […]

No shows are no good


For the love of money, prevent those infamous no shows from wasting your time. You have a busy schedule and you can’t afford to have no shows. I understand how overwhelmed you must feel when someone doesn’t show up for their appointment. Clients who forget or ignore their appointment time with you are a huge […]

No shows and cancellations suck, never get one again with these tips


Let’s take a moment to mourn all the cancelled appointments you’ve ever received. Now you’re thinking about the wasted time, lost money and a missed chance for another client appointment. Frustrating, right? Lucky you, I’ve outlined steps to help you never receive a no show or cancellation again. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. As a business owner and service […]

Wow your clients with every appointment


Your clients are the center of your universe. They are your most valuable asset, so they better be. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort finding your clients, don’t let that investment go to waste. Continue wow-ing your clients each and every time! Put in the effort. It’s like dating all over again; […]